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You don’t want the first thing your potential customer noticing is the dirty dull state of your flooring. The condition of your floors should not be the first thing your customers see but rather be something that helps create a lasting impression. That impression should be that your company has an eye for detail and nothing is forgotten. Let us help you create that impression of pure cleanliness. The best part about having us clean your flooring for you is that you can forget because our reliable service will remind you when your floors are due for a deep clean.

When cleaning hard floors, we will first assess the hard surface flooring to see what cleaning method is best for your specific flooring. We specialize in stripping and waxing floors to bring them back to a high shine. The wax not only allows your flooring to look like new but once applied properly by our fully trained professionals it can extend the life of your flooring for years to come.

We also can clean your tile and grouted surfaces to remove any stains that may have accumulated since the last deep clean. We have many techniques we have learned throughout the years to remove even the toughest stains. Once the tile is back to its original shine we can put on a protective coating to protect the tile from any additional staining from occurring. Call today for a custom quote!


For many residential homes the carpet is the focal point of the home, but in the bathroom and kitchen areas hard flooring is the dominant type of flooring. Many times sweeping and simple cleaning methods like using a mop will provide you with a fresh clean for your everyday living. This type of cleaning isn’t always able to get those tough stains on the grout in your bathroom.

The mud room is known to get a bit dirty at times and little rocks can easily scratch up the surface of softer types of hard flooring. If these scenarios sound familiar, call us before you decide to replace your flooring. We have years of experience in taking the stains out of grouting and can come in to strip and wax all of your hard flooring to preserve the life of all of your flooring.

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